Your story matters. See how you can share it on Weight of the World.

Of all the things you can do to help yourself and others, few things are as valuable as sharing your story. Where have you been on your journey with weight? What have you learned and endured, and what has made you who you are today? If you were to tell someone else about your experiences to offer hope and give them someone relatable to identify with, what would you say?

“Weight of the World” Gives You the Platform to Share Your Stories

Share your stories to the Weight of the World initiative. With help from our global partners, the OAC has spearheaded the creation of a truly unique story-sharing platform called “Weight of the World.”

We designed this initiative to give you a space to share your honest and real stories from your journey with weight, with the confidence of knowing they are protected in the OAC Community and can make a difference for those who view them.

Weight of the World invites any individual to share their personal stories via video (no need to be polished or “perfect”) and upload them to a secure online portal. There, others whose experiences are similar to your own can view them for support, inspiration and hope!

5 Reasons Your Stories Matter

If you’re on the fence about sharing or you’re not sure why your story makes a difference, take note. We NEED your stories on Weight of the World because they truly matter, and here’s why:

Your Stories Help Others Identify

By listening to your stories, others out there can identify with your experiences and see that they’re not alone on the journey with weight. Our stories bring us together through a common cause/topic through with which we can connect and relate to.

Your Stories Humanize Obesity

Obesity facts and statistics are everywhere, but no statistic can tell the story of someone who is actually walking the journey with weight. Your stories put a face behind the conversation and can help end weight bias, improve treatment options and so much more!

Your Stories Offer Support

First, your stories can be cathartic by allowing you to express yourself and all the different parts of your journey. However, they can also support others by offering inspiration, motivation and the chance for someone to say, “Hey, I can relate! If they’re walking the walk, I can too.”

Your Stories Make You Who You Are

Weight can be hard to talk about sometimes, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of your experiences because they’ve made you who you are today. Plus, others out there are on the same walk! Sharing your stories is a testament to your determination, resilience and goals.

Your Stories Help Others Understand Obesity

Despite the fact that obesity is a common disease with more than 50 related conditions, many people (medical professionals included) believe it to be a choice. Stigma sees obesity as being easily fixable by behavior modifications. Your stories can help others realize the complexity of obesity and contribute to: policy change, access to treatment options, improved healthcare, stronger representation in popular media and changes perceptions!

Get Ready to Share Your Stories:
Stay Tuned to See How!

The OAC will be sharing more updates on Weight of the World VERY SOON, and when we do, we want you to share YOUR stories! This is a great way to take OAC Action, express yourself, honor your experiences and be a voice of support to someone else. Stay tuned!