Nearly everyone affected by obesity has faced weight bias in a healthcare setting. This is a serious problem because everyone needs quality healthcare that is respectful, attentive, personalized and science-based.

Act Now to Educate Healthcare Professionals on Weight Bias

Addressing and improving weight bias in medicine is possible if we share the right education.Right now, take OAC Action against weight bias in healthcare. It’s easy! The OAC is sending a letter to 10 professional healthcare provider organizations. We are asking them to include education about weight bias in their materials, trainings and conferences. You can Sign-on to Our Letter TODAY!

When you Add Your Name, you are standing with the OAC to end weight bias. We believe that this is crucial if we want more people to understand obesity as a disease. It is also important for giving more patients access to affordable and quality healthcare, a basic human right.

Why is this Issue Important?

Here are some fast facts that show how serious weight bias is:

  • 69% of patients report that physicians are a source of weight bias
  • 31% of nurses would prefer not to treat patients with obesity
  • 52% of patients report they they have been stigmatized multiple times
  • Physicians are the 2nd highest source of weight bias

Studies also show that weight bias does not motivate people to lose weight. In fact, bias can lead to weight gain. Furthermore, patients are less likely to schedule and attend regular appointments. They also get less time to talk one-one-one with physicians for practical help with their health. All of this means that a patient’s health can seriously decline and problems can go undiagnosed.