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The OAC Community is proud to offer you one of our most popular resources. The Your Weight Matters Magazine offers a variety of articles that are designed to educate readers on all topics concerning weight and health. This quarterly publication includes articles on a wide array of topics like nutrition, exercise, health and wellness, motivation, obesity treatments, OAC community updates, and more! Hear from healthcare providers and fellow community members on topics that matter to you. The Your Weight Matters magazine is an invaluable tool that anyone can use to help in their journey to better health.

Current Issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine

The OAC’s Spring 2018 issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine is our latest edition, packed with high-quality education with topics ranging from all areas of health and wellness – including nutrition, exercise, bariatric surgery and others. More specifically, this issue previews the OAC’s 2018 Your Weight Matters National Convention taking place July 19-22 in Denver while also offering a glimpse into the OAC’s emerging Community. If you’re interested in learning more about how the OAC’s Community came to be and why we saw a need to transform our pre-existing membership structure, this issue gives you the answers! Check-out the links below to visit all Spring 2018 articles directly.

Past Your Weight Matters Magazine Issues (Premium Access Resource)

We’ve made past issues of the Your Weight Matters magazine available online. Our magazine archive consists of more than 500 articles that contain quality education on obesity, nutrition, exercise, support and more. Click below to access past magazine articles as a premium level resource.

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