With the launch of the NEW OAC Community, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) knows that our current members are likely wondering how this impacts their membership and what to expect about the new Community Membership experience. We are here to help! Below you will find your key questions answered about how the OAC’s new membership structure impacts you!

Here are the Basics:

All OAC members, both current and lapsed, have been transitioned into members of the OAC Community! There is no action needed on your part, as long as you were a previous or current member of the OAC, you are granted membership in the OAC Community.

OAC Members whose memberships were current, paid and up-to-date will also be granted Premium Access Membership. This category has replaced our previous benefits model, and offers additional expanded benefits!

Key Questions Answered

I am a current member of the OAC. Do I need to re-sign-up to be part of the OAC Community?

No. You are good to go! All current and past members have been automatically transitioned to OAC Community Members. You should have already started to receive our new Community CONNECT emails with updates and information about the Community!

What if my membership expired a while ago. Do I need to re-sign-up for the Community?

No. All past members have been transitioned to OAC Community Members, so no action is needed on your part. You should have started to also receive our new Community Connect communication pieces with important news and updates.

I was an active and paid/up-to-date member of the OAC. What happens to my paid membership?

We appreciate you being an active member of the OAC! Your paid membership has been transitioned to Premium Access Membership, which entitles you to similar, but expanded benefits. Your print subscription to OAC’s magazine is included with Premium Access Membership, along with a variety of additional benefits, such as access to exclusive content and features of the OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform.

I see there is a Member Log-in feature on the OAC’s Web site. Do all members receive access to a log-in, or is that for Premium Access Membership only?

All OAC Community Members are able to set-up a free member log-in. A log-in is required to access certain parts of the Community ENGAGE Platform. A log-in is also required for those with a Premium Access Membership to get access to exclusive online content.

What does the log-in feature give me access to?

Logging-in to the OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform grants you access to select pages only for members with a registered account, such as a digital copy of the current issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine, access to our Member Discussion Forum (Coming Soon), and access to the Weight of the World video collection platform (Coming Soon). In addition, there are exclusive pages designed only for those with Premium Access Membership, such as access to our Resource Article Library and OAC Magazine Library, and more!

How do I set-up my member log-in?

Our Member log-in feature is still in development, and all members will be notified once it is ready to use with instructions for how to set-up their account.

If you wish to download a copy of this FAQ for print, please click here.