The OAC Community is proud to offer you one of our most popular resources: Weight Matters Magazine. It offers a variety of articles designed to educate readers on all topics concerning weight and health. This quarterly publication includes articles on a wide array of topics like nutrition, exercise, health and wellness, motivation, obesity treatments, OAC Community updates and more!

Hear from the experts and fellow Community Members about topics that matter to you. Weight Matters Magazine is a valuable tool that anyone can use in their journey to better health.

Current Issue of Weight Matters Magazine

Weight Matters Magazine coverFall has arrived on our doorsteps, and so has the OAC’s latest issue of Weight Matters Magazine! This issue is now added to our online archives in the OAC Community.

Find ways to fit activity into an otherwise sedentary job and to add fall flavor into recipes. You can also learn all about the world of meat alternatives and ways to navigate the first year after bariatric surgery.

We take a look back and reflect on the amazing YWM2019 Convention in Tampa in August as well as hear from a community member who had a Lunch with the Experts table on caring and supporting a loved one who lives with obesity. Twin sisters share their story of weight and health, access to care and the insurance coverage differences for being approved for bariatric surgery.

Click here to download the current issue.

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Past Weight Matters Magazine Issues (Premium Access Resource)

We’ve made past issues of the Weight Matters Magazine available online. Our magazine archive consists of more than 500 articles that contain quality education on obesity, nutrition, exercise, support and more. Click below to access past magazine articles as a premium level resource.

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