This is YOUR Opportunity to Contact President Biden and Urge Him to Make the Disease of Obesity a Priority in His Administration!

In recognition of World Obesity Day (March 4th, 2021), taking place during Obesity Care Week, the OAC and other health advocates from across the U.S. are sending unified letters to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration.

The letter not only sheds light on how obesity stigma has long prevented effective treatment and recognition of obesity as a chronic disease, but also stresses the importance of access to treatment given the strong link between obesity and COVID-19 complications. The letter also calls for better obesity care policies that will change the way society cares about obesity. Now more than ever, it is imperative that people currently living with obesity, or at risk of developing obesity, and are ready to address their health, should have expanded access to both prevention and treatment avenues.

How You Can Help:

This is YOUR opportunity to contact President Biden and let him know why access to obesity care is crucial! We’ve made it easy for you. You can share in the efforts of World Obesity Day by sending President Biden the letter shown below, which you can either copy or edit to reflect your own story and concerns. Just add your information, click “Send” and you’re done!

Your contributions will not only help eliminate the negative stigma associated with the disease of obesity, but advocate for increased access to safe and effective medical treatment that can change lives and improve health.