OAC Action Center

Anytime Actions

Here is our complete list of actions that you can take at anytime. Some of these actions may take a minute, some of these actions could take a day, ALL of these actions make a difference.

Access to Care Actions

  •  Thank your employer/insurer for covering your obesity care
  • Share our Insurance Guide on an online forum
  •  Post your successes and challenges with Access to Care
  • Use our Access to Care Reporting Tool to tell us about your access issues or success
  • Share your successful appeal letter

Weight Bias Actions

  • Tweet/post replies to social media articles that focus on weight-loss instead of health
  • Call out someone for not using People First Language or appropriate visuals
  • Discuss People First Language with family and friends
  • Write a letter to a T.V. show that shares characters affected by obesity (positive or negative)
  • Let us know when you correct someone for not using People First Language for obesity
  • Tag your providers office on social media when you have a good experience or if they are patient-friendly

Actions for Healthcare Providers

  • Give your patients with obesity an OAC membership through our SMP
  •  Call out HCP’s  for outstanding care or  advocacy for patients
  • Write a letter to your medical school asking to include obesity treatment and weight-bias prevention in standard curriculum
  • Make sure your next CME course includes patient voices; if it doesn’t, speak out!
  • Lobby your insurance companies to cover all forms of science-based obesity treatments
  • Start a conversation around obesity care with State Medical Boards and local state government
  • Have members do an HCP “x” miles search and identify if they live in “care deserts” so we can target states or communities to find HCP’s

Outreach Actions

  • Leave your old YWM magazines in your hair salon, doctors’ office, library, coffee shop, gym, or nail salon
  • As part of the pledge- visit five HCP offices to leave brochures and discuss OAC mission/vision
  • Take OAC information to local schools and universities (healthcare programs, behavioral health programs, social work programs, allied health programs)
  • Present to your support group or church, etc. and take a selfie with the group
  • Offer to host an OAC booth at your community/employer health fair

Policy Actions

  •  Coming Soon!