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Patient Stories:
The Life-changing Power of Having Tools to Manage Obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease needing lifelong care and comprehensive treatment for patients. It has many root causes, and we need a range of accessible treatment options to offer real support to individuals who are struggling with their weight.

Below, you will find a handful of stories from real people that speak to the power of having access to tools for weight management. They show us how opportunities for obesity treatment can change someone’s quality of life and transform their health and future.


Life after a Death

Tonya Ham from Cassadaga, NY, shares how obesity shaped and took control of her life after the unexpected death of her husband. However, after seeking treatment for her obesity, Tonya was able to take back control of her health and learn to once again enjoy what life has to offer.


My Health Journey

Michelle Vicari from Temecula, CA, shares a time when her weight prevented her from simply walking down a pier at the beach with her friends. In this video, she re-lives this defining moment years after seeking help and emphasizes the importance of working with a healthcare provider to find the right treatment path.


Managing the Obesity I Inherited

Ted Kyle from Pittsburgh, PA, shares about his family’s genetic history of obesity and weight-related health conditions such as high blood pressure. With a personal weight struggle on top of that, Ted sought treatment through the help of long-term obesity medication and has successfully managed his weight and health for the past 15 years.


I Want to Get Help

Sheridan G. from NC has struggled with obesity since childhood, and she’s still struggling to this day. She shares how she’s tried many diets and programs – all the while knowing deep down what healthy decisions to make – but believes her real success will only come if she finds help to manage the mental aspect of obesity.


Needing Help to Manage My Patients’ Health Risks

Dr. Dafina Allen from Saginaw, MI, is a family medicine doctor who also practices obesity medicine. She shares how her job is to help manage her patients’ health risks for chronic diseases (rather than only treat the related conditions), but she can’t do this if they don’t have financial access to the treatments she knows will help.


Hear More Patient Stories

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