2024 Recorded Virtual Sessions

Session Recordings

Event 1 – 5/18/2024


  • Redefining Obesity: Beyond “Eat Less, Move More”
    Presented by: Beverly Tchang, MD
  • The Mental Health Impacts of Advocating for Yourself and Sharing Your Story
    Presented by: Robyn Pashby, PhD
  • What’s New in Treatment Options
    Presented by: Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA
  • What is Weight Bias and What Can We Do About it?
    Presented by: Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA

Event 2 – 5/19/2024


  • Nutrition Navigator: Weight and Health Management with a Registered Dietitian
    Presented by: Julia Axelbaum, RD, CSOWM
  • Treating Childhood Obesity with Compassion
    Presented by: Aaron S. Kelly, PhD
  • Prescription Exercise: Quantity, Benefits and Best Practices
    Presented by: Tim Church, MD, MPH, PhD
  • Behind-the-Scenes of OAC Advocacy
    Presented by: Tracy Zvenyach, PhD, MS, RN, Director of Policy Strategy and Alliances with patient advocates Amber Huett-Garcia and Elizabeth Paul.

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