Popular Media Outlets Are Opening up Dialogue About Obesity
in OAC Blog on March 18, 2021

Both Vogue and USA Today, alongside other media outlets, have recently published bold news articles that are putting the topic of obesity in the spotlight. Read on to learn about the greater conversations being provoked by these media outlets and tune-in to OAC’s next monthly broadcast, March 24th at 3:00 pm EST, where we’ll explore this topic further.

USA Today Releases Piece Mentioning Chairwoman, Patty Nece, JD and Vice President of Marketing and Communications, James Zervios
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on March 9, 2021

USA Today recently published a piece titled, “‘Weight isn’t always within your control’: Why some states are prioritizing obesity patients for the COVID-19 vaccine.” This thought-provoking piece highlights why people with obesity are being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine. The OAC’s Chairwoman, Patty Nece, JD, was quoted multiple times throughout the article as she expresses
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The OAC Supports Obesity Care Week’s World Obesity Day by Advocating to President Biden and Congress and Highlighting Activity with the Global Obesity Patient Alliance (GOPA)
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on March 4, 2021

In recognition of World Obesity Day (March 4th, 2021), taking place during Obesity Care Week, the OAC and other health advocates from across the U.S. are sending unified letters to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration. The letter not only sheds light on how obesity stigma
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