YWM2019: Break through the Challenges and Find Joy in Your Health Journey
in OAC Blog on June 21, 2019

Are you registered yet for YWM2019? Attending can help you break through the tough parts of your journey with weight, rejuvenate you, and equip you for sustaining success. Don’t miss the country’s best weight management education, support, resources, tools and FUN! Advance Registration ends July 19, so get your plans started and come join us!

A Surgeon’s Thoughts on Having Access to Obesity Care
in OAC Blog on June 19, 2019

OAC Community Member Walt Medlin, also a bariatric surgeon and bariatric surgery patient, shares his thoughts on the need for improved access to obesity care. Be encouraged by his perspective and then add your name with the OAC to support greater access to care of all types!

A Day in the Life without Access to Obesity Care: Sarah’s Story
in OAC Blog on June 17, 2019

OAC Community Member Sarah Bramblette shares her story of attending one medical appointment in particular which illustrated many different and serious access to care issues. Read about Sarah’s experiences and add your name alongside the OAC to support access to care for everyone!