Take #OACAction with Weight Bias Anytime Actions!
in OAC Blog on August 30, 2018

Thursday, August 30 is Weight Bias Anytime Actions Day! These are actions that help eliminate obesity stigma which is at the root of many problems people affected by obesity often face. Take #OACAction today to help change the perception of obesity!

Take #OACAction with Access to Care Anytime Actions!
in OAC Blog on August 29, 2018

Wednesday, August 29 is Access to Care Anytime Actions Day! These are actions that help improve access to effective, evidence-based obesity care. Take #OACAction today to shine a light on existing access barriers while promoting ways to overcome them!

Take #OACAction with Outreach Anytime Actions!
in OAC Blog on August 27, 2018

Monday, August 27 is Outreach Anytime Actions Day! Outreach actions are an easy way to take #OACAction by sharing about OAC, its mission and work with your own community. Help us spread awareness!

Taking #OACAction Empowers Not Only Us, but Others
in OAC Blog on August 23, 2018

Taking #OACAction is personally empowering because it helps us discover our passions and strengths. It also makes a difference in the lives of people affected by obesity. Join OAC for Anytime Actions Month, August 27 – 31!

The Power of Community: Reflections from Bjarne Lynderup
in OAC Blog on August 10, 2018

Bjarne Lynderup, a member of the Disease Experience Expert Panel (DEEP), talks about the power of community in supporting our well-being. For those who struggle with weight, finding a solid community can be one of the most valuable assets we have on our weight management journey.

Community Perspectives – Kyle Harris: My Story about Obesity
in OAC Blog on August 3, 2018

Kyle Harris struggled deeply with his weight since childhood and suffered a myriad of health conditions that affected his quality of life. Now, he talks about his health journey after having bariatric surgery and leaves a few words of wisdom for anyone seeking a similar obesity treatment path.