A Mid-year Health Reflection: Looking Back on 2018
in OAC Blog on July 31, 2018

2018 is more than halfway over. Now is a great time to make a reflection on your progress for your goals thus far! How many of these health benchmarks have you hit? What could you do differently to improve your journey?

OAC Community Proclaims Beliefs and Demands
in OAC Blog on July 27, 2018

The OAC Community is proud to officially unveil our core set of Beliefs and Demands which serve as the guiding principles for the work we’re apart of. Please take a moment and share them today!

YWM2018 Day 3: Education, Action and Honoring the OAC Community
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On YWM2018 Day 3, attendees continued to receive top-notch weight and health education from experts such as surgeons, physicians, researchers, dietitians and more. The Day also focused on celebrating OAC Community members who have gone above and beyond in making a difference for people affected by obesity.

YWM2018 Day 2: Taking #OACAction and Health to New Heights
in OAC Blog on July 21, 2018

On YWM2018 Day 2, attendees learned about the power of taking #OACAction and being a special part of OAC’s Community. The day also focused on providing evidence-based weight/health education, tools, resources and support, and ended with a Welcoming Ceremonies Dinner to celebrate the power of coming together!

YWM2018 Day 1: Training Advocates and Welcoming Attendees!
in OAC Blog on July 20, 2018

On the first day of YWM2018 in Denver, OAC trained attendees on how to make a difference through different types of advocacy. Then, we kicked-off the weekend with a Welcome Reception for Exhibitors and Attendees that set the stage for all to come!

Welcome FitForMe to OAC’s Chairman’s Council!
in OAC Blog on July 2, 2018

OAC is pleased to welcome one brand new member to our honorary Chairman’s Council – FitForMe! FitForMe has pledged their support at the Bronze level and has partnered with the OAC to help us improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. They are a unique brand specializing in tailor-made,
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