YWM2017 Coming Together to Educate. Advocate. Celebrate HEALTH!

I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into my first Your Weight Matters National Convention. As many of you had, I heard stories of past Conventions that helped shape what attending one would be like. The stories, however, didn’t prepare me for the overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I received hearing your stories. I was in awe that each of you were able to drop the barriers and walls that kept you guarded, and you made yourselves vulnerable. You came into YWM2017 looking to better yourself, and as a place to build each other up.

I loved meeting all of you, and getting the opportunity to learn more about why you attended YWM2017. Your stories were inspiring, and your energy was electric for me. I’d like to harness some of the experiences to help inspire other first-time attendees to join us for YWM2018 in Denver. Attending a Your Weight Matters National Convention is truly a unique experience, and I hope by reading the next few blogs it will inspire you to join us for YWM2018 in Denver!

In the coming blog posts, I’d like to share other first-time and veteran attendees from YWM2017, so stay tuned!


Written by Michelle Beane, OAC Staff Member

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