Why We Give – How Organizations Show their Support for the OAC

There’s numerous ways to support the causes you care about, and sometimes that effort isn’t just made on an individual level. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is greatly supported by our numerous members and supporters and even by various organizations, practices and companies in the field of obesity as well.

One of those groups – the Bariatric Medical Institute (BMI) of Texas – has raised more than $3,000 on behalf of the OAC, and recruited new members through the OAC’s Sponsored Membership Program, spread the word about the OAC’s resources and played a crucial role in the Your Weight Matters National Convention.

Aimee Paladino, RD, the dietitian at BMI of Texas, said it’s important to the practice to give back to the OAC because the organization’s core values and mission is so closely aligned with their own, and they want to ensure their patients are receiving the evidence-based education, advocacy resources and support that the OAC provides its members.

“We wanted to encourage people to think outside the box about who to give to during (the season of giving), and we work very closely with the OAC,” said Paladino. “We thought ‘Let’s get the hospitals involved and our reps and patients involved, and try to raise money for a great organization.’”

As a recipient of the 2015 Community Leader of the Year Award, BMI of Texas has given back to the OAC by promoting health and obesity awareness in their community in San Antonio, Texas, and by raising awareness of the OAC.

“We give our patients a free one-year membership to the OAC, because we feel it is a great resource for people to learn more about research and obesity medicine,” Paladino said. “There aren’t that many advocates for obesity medicine, and so that’s our biggest thing — we’re all in the same industry and have the same goal.”

Last year, BMI of Texas hosted their first fundraiser on behalf of the OAC, and they’re continuing the tradition this year by matching all donations made up to $1,000, and donating the proceeds back to the OAC. The group hopes to be involved with the OAC in the future by continuing its support of the OAC’s annual convention, as well as continuing to spread awareness about the education, advocacy and support its members receive.

“We have a similar core belief (with the OAC), and we’re all out there fighting the good fight to get the same outcome,” Paladino said.

How can your organization, practice or company give back to the OAC?

Without the continued support of our members and partner organizations, the OAC wouldn’t be able to continue its mission of providing education, advocacy and support to individuals affected by the disease of obesity. If your group or organization would like to become more involved with the OAC and its initiatives, there’s numerous ways you can do so:

  • Share OAC resources with your patients, clients and local community. The OAC has a variety of resources available free of charge to individuals looking to learn more about weight-loss options, obesity related conditions, weight bias and more. If you want to help spread the word about the OAC, one of the easiest ways to do so is by sharing our resources, both in print or online. CLICK HERE to view all of the resources we currently have available.
  • Participate in the OAC Sponsored Membership Program. Are you a physician who wants to support the OAC, but also looking for a way to support your patients? The OAC is proud to offer the OAC Sponsored Membership Program, a program developed specifically for physicians and surgeons to help engage patients in the cause and the OAC by offering them the opportunity to purchase OAC memberships for their patients at a discounted rate. CLICK HERE to learn more about the OAC Sponsored Membership Program.
  • Join the OAC Chairman’s Council. Individuals and organizations interested in supporting the OAC at a higher level and receiving the maximum number of benefits offered should consider membership in the OAC Chairman’s Council. CLICK HERE to learn more about the OAC Chairman’s Council.
  • Give a charitable contribution to the OAC on behalf of your organization today! Your charitable gift supports our mission-oriented efforts to help those affected by obesity. CLICK HERE to make your year-end donation and help the OAC continue its mission today.

 More than 93 million Americans are affected by obesity.

It’s time that we support these individuals by ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect,
have the right to access safe and effective treatment and are provided with the right information through unbiased education.

The OAC was formed in 2005 to make this support a reality. Our mission is to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. For more than 10 years, we have been the voice for those with obesity. With more than 50,000 members nationwide, we stand strong and will continue to fight for the rights of all those affected by the disease of obesity.


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