Welcome to the Board: Scott Kahan, MD, MPH

Scott KahanThe next new OAC Board Member that we’d like to introduce you to is Scott Kahan, MD, MPH who works as an obesity medicine physician in a multidisciplinary weight management center located in Washington, DC. Scott spends the vast majority of his time working in the healthcare field to improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity, and he constantly advocates for access to effective care and treatment.

This year, the OAC also has the pleasure of having Scott serve as the Program Co-chair for the 2017 Your Weight Matters National Convention in New Orleans this August. His vast knowledge about obesity and health, as well as his dedication to the cause and his passion for patient-centered healthcare, are truly welcomed and embraced by the OAC.

Please join us in giving Scott a big WELCOME to the OAC National Board of Directors!

An Interview with Scott Kahan

Q: How did you learn about the OAC, and what motivated you to become more involved as an active member?

A: I have been involved with the OAC for many years, initially as part of the work we do at the Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance. Year by year, I try to be more involved with the OAC because it’s a unique and important organization – the only one of its kind, to my knowledge.

Q: You recently became appointed to the OAC National Board of Directors. What led you to seek such high involvement?

A: It’s important to me to support the work of well-meaning and influential organizations. The OAC certainly fits this description. No other organization puts the patient and the patient’s experiences at the core of their mission like the OAC does.

Q: How has your experience working professionally in the field of obesity shaped where you are now?

A: I enjoy my job more than I ever imagined would be possible. In part, it’s because I study a fascinating and complex area of science and medicine. But even more important is that I have the privilege to become a part of people’s lives as their doctor and supporter.

Q: The OAC’s mission is to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. What aspect of our mission do you think is the most vital and why?

A: Empowerment. Especially in obesity, the patient is often an afterthought. Putting the patient at the center, giving patients a voice, and advocating on their behalf is so important in any area of medicine – but none more so than in obesity.

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