Encourage Nasco to Rename “Fat Old Fred” Mannequin

UPDATE: The OAC has received confirmation from the manufacturer that they are in the process of changing the name to “Bariatric CPR Mannequin.”

The OAC has been alerted to a weight bias issue, and we need YOU to take action now! An OAC member emailed us regarding a CPR mannequin, named “Fat Old Fred.” This product is marketed by Nasco as:

This unique manikin helps to prepare students to respond to a more typical cardiac arrest event with a victim who is elderly and overweight.

While the OAC appreciates Nasco providing a CPR mannequin that enables individuals to learn the procedure on someone who is affected by obesity, marketing a healthcare product such as “Fat Old Fred” greatly perpetuates weight bias.

A CPR mannequin named “Fat Old Fred,” which may be used in healthcare, only furthers weight bias in the healthcare community. The OAC is asking Nasco to immediately remove the CPR mannequin from its Web site until it is renamed. Additionally, we are also asking them to remove it from all print catalogs as well – until it is renamed.

Share Your Opinion!

The OAC feels Nasco needs to remove and rename the CPR mannequin immediately. We need YOU to voice your opinion as well to Nasco. To contact Nasco, please email:

Kelly Jacobson
Director of Health Care Sales

CC: Steve Richter, Executive Vice President, Nasco
Allen Souza, Executive Vice President, Nasco, Modesto

To view the OAC’s letter to Nasco, please click here.

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