An OAC member has alerted the OAC to a new bias issue regarding fat-shaming apps available for download on app stores hosted by Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft. Apps such as, “Fatify,” “Fatbooth,” “Fat You” and others greatly perpetuate fat-shaming and weight bias in today’s society. Children are the primary users of these types of apps, and the apps are teaching children that the disease of obesity is a funny cosmetic issue, which we know is not true. Approximately 30 percent of girls with excess weight and 24 percent of boys with excess weight report being teased by peers at school. These apps have the potential to further exacerbate weight-based bullying and fat-shaming – especially in children.

The OAC, along with supporting organizations, have issued formal letters to the leaders of, Apple Inc., Google Inc., and the Microsoft Corporation calling on each of them to remove offensive fat-shaming applications from their online app stores and strengthen their review process to ensure no further fat-shaming apps are approved for download. To view each letter, please click the below corresponding link(s):

We Need YOUR Voice!

Along with serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and more, obesity carries the burden of being the last acceptable form of discrimination in today’s society. These types of apps intensify the short-sided understanding of obesity and minimalize it to a cosmetic issue, which we know it is not. In order to make sure our voice, the voice of all individuals affected by the disease of obesity, is heard loud and clear, we need YOUR help! Take action with the OAC today and sign the OAC’s petition for the removal of fat-shaming apps! CLICK HERE to Take Action Today!

Thank You!

The OAC would like to thank the following organizations/companies for signing-on to our initiative:

      • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
      • American Academy of Pediatrics
      • American Board of Obesity Medicine
      • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
      • B Stigma-Free
      • BariLife Bariatric Supplements
      • BariMelts
      • Binge Eating Disorder Association
      • Black Women’s Health Imperative
      • Celebrate Vitamins
      • ConscienHealth
      • Downsize Fitness
      • Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee
      • HealthyWomen
      • Hepatitis Foundation International
      • Potomac Currents
      • Reality Coalition
      • Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity
      • Society for Women’s Health Research
      • Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS Club Inc.)
      • Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

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