Entertainment Tonight Fat Suit Segment

UPDATE 11/1/11: The OAC would like to thank all of you who responded to this issue. We greatly appreciate your dedication and support to the “Bias Busters.”

This Thursday, October 27, 2011, Entertainment Tonight will air a segment featuring reality television star Melissa Gorga dressed up in a “fat suit.”

The OAC feels this is extremely stigmatizing toward individuals affected by obesity and we need YOU to respond!


- No other disease requires you to “wear” it to sympathize with those affected.

- A “fat suit” does not allow someone to feel what it is like to be affected by obesity and its related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and more.

- Empathy is not created by stigmatizing a disease.

For more information on this segment, click here.

Share Your Opinion!

We need your help to make sure this segment DOES NOT air. Please contact Entertainment Tonight and Melissa Gorga through the below information and share your opinion with them on this segment:

Entertainment Tonight
4024 Radford Ave
Bldg. R
Studio City, California
Los Angeles
Email: et.newsdesk@cbsparamount.com
News Desk Phone: (818) 655-4411
Entertainment Tonight Reception: (818) 655-4400
Facebook: Please post your opinions on their Facebook page as well by clicking here.

Melissa Gorga Public Relations Contact
Email: MGorgaPR@gmail.com
Phone: 914-843-1434
Email: publicity@ejmediagroup.com
Email: info@illuminationpr.com

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