#TheReasonIGive – Because We Need More Obesity Education

by Christopher Still, DO, FACP, FTOS
Medical Director, Center for Nutrition & Weight Management
Director, Geisinger Obesity Institute 

Why Do I Give Back to the OAC?

Obesity is a disease that is still largely misunderstood by the public. In fact, many people don’t even recognize it as a disease. Oftentimes, a person with obesity is believed to be at fault for their condition – to the point of being labeled as “lazy,” “unproductive” or “unmotivated.”

There is still much to be done to educate others about the complex nature of obesity. It isn’t a simple matter of willpower or “eat less, move more.” There are many factors at play, including genetics, environment and behavior. Weight bias prevents others from understanding the challenges and roadblocks that individuals with obesity face – and unfortunately, weight bias is one of the last socially acceptable forms of discrimination to this day.

I give to the OAC because we need more education, and this organization is determined to spread awareness about obesity and give a voice to individuals affected by it. I believe in a world where this complex, chronic disease is understood, prevented and treated respectfully. Where individuals who struggle with it have access to available treatment options.  Where someone with obesity can walk down the street or enter a job interview without being discriminated against because of their size.

I give to the OAC because I believe this future is attainable, and I think we can achieve it together.

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