#TheReasonIGive: Because there is More Work to Do

by Sarah Muntel, OAC Member and Bariatric Coordinator

I gladly spend many hours each year donating my time to working with the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). I frequently write for the OAC’s Your Weight Matters Magazine and Your Weight Matters Blog – hoping to inspire those on their weight loss journey, provide sound nutritional advice and motivate those who are looking for a change. I also serve as a member of the OAC Education Committee. Working with a team of others dedicated to spreading awareness throughout the medical community is one way to fight the disease of obesity.

Why do I give…? I give because of the patients I see every day. I give because I see so many success stories each day. I see people throwing their diabetic medication away, I see people sitting in an airline seat for the first time, and I see people playing in the park with their kids. These successes would have never happened without weight-loss. The OAC provides countless tools to many people who are working towards those health and weight-loss goals through science-based educational materials, motivating conferences and ongoing support.

I also give because there is more work to do…There are many health professionals who do not recognize obesity as a disease and don’t understand it. They use words like “fat” and tell people to just push their plate away. I see patients seeking bariatric surgery, but are turned away because there is not coverage in their plan. The OAC has a goal to educate health professionals to treat people with obesity respectfully and provide them with treatment options. The OAC advocates for coverage for weight-loss surgery and weight management, and these resources are invaluable to patients.

As you are considering donating during this holiday time, consider the OAC and the phenomenal work it does for so many.

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