#TheReasonIGive: Because I am One of the 93 Million Affected by Obesity

- By Debera Gau, OAC member

Why do I give to the OAC? Why do I give to the OAC?

Before I can answer that, we have to go back – not to 2003 when the OAC story began but to 2001, the start of my story and the answer to that question.

In 2001 I learned that my lifestyle and complacency about my health would require drastic changes. The first change, the first step was to take control of my health – and the tool I chose to achieve that was bariatric surgery.   I knew what the surgery would entail and what the benefits and pitfalls were. I knew it would mean changing not just my attitude but also my behaviors.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy. What I didn’t know was how it would change me as a person.

Moving forward, a postcard came to my office from an organization called the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). This postcard led me to learn more about this organization and what their mission was. I realized that we had a lot in common, the OAC and I. Shared goals of educating others about obesity as a disease (not a lifestyle) and advocating for access to treatment options. To be a voice for those affected by obesity – those like you, like me.

This brings me to today and to the question of Why do I give to the OAC?

I give because I am one of the 93 million Americans affected by obesity. Because access to care for obesity is still an issue for many.  Because we need to continue to educate, advocate and bring about change. I give because by being a voice for those 93 million, the OAC taught me that my voice, one voice can make a difference.

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