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Thank you for taking the time to report your weight bias issue to the OAC. All issues will be evaluated by the OAC’s Weight Bias Task Force for further action. Please allow one week for review of your issue.

Learn More about Weight Bias

The OAC has many resources to help you better understand weight bias and also help others understand it too! Here’s a brief list of what we can offer you for FREE!

      • OAC Media Gallery – Imagery of people with obesity is often very stigmatizing. To combat this, the OAC launched a FREE image gallery where you can find positive pictures of people with obesity. These images are great for media representatives, healthcare professionals, educators and more!
      • People-First Language for Obesity – All too often people with obesity are referred to as “obese” in spoken word and text. People-First Language for Obesity is an initiative where the OAC wants to educate everyone on the right kind of language to use when talking about obesity. Learn more today!

We thank you for your time and will contact you soon about your submitted issue!

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