Sifting Through it All

As I began my workout routine this morning, I noticed something on television that I hadn’t noticed in the past. Today was a weight lifting day, so before I started to lift, I looked for something good to watch on TV. Throughout the years, I’ve built myself a decent home-gym with a variety of free weights, medicine ball, sit-up bench etc. One staple of my morning workout routine is finding a good movie to watch. I am little bit of an 80’s action junkie; therefore, the film will most likely consist of a jungle of some sort, probably violence, cars and classic one-liners like “I’ll be back.” Or, “Yo Adrian.” This morning as I began to search the TV guide, I noticed that there were an unbelievable amount of weight-loss infomercials on TV. More than I’ve ever noticed in the past.

“Guaranteed to Work!” “Lose 10 Pounds in One Week!” “Sculpt the PERFECT Body in ONE Week!” From miracle machines to magic powders, every weight-loss gimmick was available for “four easy payments of…” I found this mind-numbing. I went back to the TV guide and counted how many channels were featuring a weight-loss product. Care to guess? Twenty-two. Yes, 22 channels featured some sort weight-loss claim.

Why is obesity the only disease that gets this kind of attention? You don’t see 15 infomercials for diabetes care. Now, notice I said “infomercials” and not “commercials.” I feel that in media, commercials are much more widely varied in content than an infomercial. I mean, here we had 30 minutes of commercial-free content dedicated to weight-loss. In my opinion, these infomercials are almost predatory in some sense. They make outrageous claims just to grab the attention of anyone who has battled weight.

So how do we sift through it all? Well, I am not sure there’s an easy answer to that. I am not a medical expert, but I would be wary of any product that guarantees incredible results in days or weeks. As someone who’s battled obesity, I know first-hand that there are no quick fixes. In fact, although I am of normal weight today, according to body mass index, I will tell you that not a single day goes by where I do not continue to battle weight through weight maintenance. And for those of you that have reached a healthy weight, you know just how hard weight maintenance is.

There is no doubt that obesity is one of the most targeted diseases when it comes to gimmicky fixes; however, it is important that we exercise caution when contemplating any weight-loss program. In fact, you’ll probably get a good sweat going just figuring out where to start. In an effort to help those wanting to address their weight and improve their health, the OAC developed the Understanding You Weight-loss Options brochure, which covers a variety of weight-loss options and provides you with objective viewpoints of each option.

Sifting through all the weight-loss information available today is a daunting task; however, the OAC is here to help. We’re here to help you address your weight and improve your health. Obesity is a serious disease affecting more than 93 million Americans nationwide. If you’re not a member of the OAC, consider joining today.

Now, in classic 80’s action film one-liners…

I’ll be back.

James Zervios

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