Obesity Action Alert – May 2018
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Your LAST Issue of Obesity Action Alert – Changes are on the Horizon for the OAC!

OAA May 2018

For the past 13 years, we’ve been proud to bring you the Obesity Action Alert as a way for you to stay up-to-date on current obesity news as well as the latest news about the OAC. It’s hard to believe we’ve published more than 150 issues of this monthly E-newsletter and have reached tens of thousands of individuals not only here in the United States, but also across the globe!

As we look back on the OAC’s history, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing just how far we’ve come as an organization alongside our members and supporters. This process has helped us to not only reflect on the rising needs of individuals affected by obesity across the country, but to assess how we, as an organization, service these individuals and the issues at hand.

What we uncovered has prompted a lot of thought, re-organization and forward momentum as we look to the future of the OAC. Although our mission and vision remain the same, we’ve been challenged to look at the vehicles of information by which we offer education, advocacy and support. And, through this process, we’ve recognized exactly what we need to continue reaching and advocating for the 93 million affected by obesity.

You may have heard some of this news along the grapevine, but we are excited to officially announce the start of many changes on the OAC’s horizon! However, this does mean that this issue of the Obesity Action Alert will be your last – but don’t worry! We are busy transforming this piece into a new and improved method of communication that is more timely, relevant and easier to navigate. Plus – you won’t have to lift a finger! Because you’re already subscribed to this current newsletter, you’re all set to continue receiving our latest updates.

We hope you are just as excited for these upcoming changes as we are. But until then, continue reading the rest of this important issue to stay up-to-date about exactly WHAT is in store for the OAC, its membership and for YOU!

Coming Soon: The Emerging OAC Community!

OAC Community logoAt the heart of the OAC lies its membership. Our members not only inspire us with their stories, but make up the driving force by which we affect change! They’ve taught us tremendously throughout the past 13 years, and as we look ahead to what’s in store for the OAC’s future, we remain committed to building and sustaining the relationship they carry with us and with each other.

While our current membership structure has been wildly successful at building our voice from zero to 59,000, we’ve recognized a growing need to provide our members with a rich and connected experience that is truly unique. That means more opportunities to connect members to their own health, with the work of the OAC and with others who face similar concerns and challenges.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the OAC’s Community – coming SOON! The OAC Community is our brand new and transformed membership structure, intended to provide individuals with multiple opportunities to join together and:

  • Get Educated on the latest evidence-based information about obesity
  • Find Support through ongoing education about weight and health
  • Connect with others who share similar concerns and journeys
  • Take Action to help the OAC change the world for individuals with obesity

The OAC Community is everything our organization believes in and embodies. Upon completion, it will afford individuals the opportunity to personalize their own membership experience and be a part of what matters to them. Though OAC membership will be rebranded and redefined, the result will reflect an unwavering Community of individuals changing their own lives and each other’s!

There is much more to be said about the emerging OAC Community, but you should know that we are in the final stages of its development. For now, we hope you’ll stay connected with the OAC to receive all of our latest and greatest updates while we prepare for the launch of all things in store! Stay tuned!

OAC Prepares to Launch its Newest Public Resource: A Tool to Help Individuals Find the RIGHT Obesity Care Provider!

OCP logoThe inequality of healthcare for individuals affected by obesity is a widespread problem across the country. Millions of individuals wanting to take the next step in their health journey are met with weight bias, misunderstanding and poor education from healthcare providers who do not understand the chronic, complex disease of obesity – making access to appropriate care a significant hurdle.

To address this problem, the OAC set out to help our members and the public easily find a qualified healthcare provider who meets their needs. This process has resulted in the creation of a brand new OAC resource – an obesity care provider locator!

The OAC’s obesity care provider locator is fast on its way to completion, and will provide users with the opportunity to navigate a searchable zip code-based database to find a healthcare provider in their area who will help them manage their weight and improve their health. In addition, the Locator will feature a number of resources to help patients prepare for the conversation about weight and arrive at their first healthcare visit with all the information necessary.

Discussing weight and its impact on health is never easy, but having the right obesity care provider can help. As we work to bring this much-anticipated project to fruition, please stay-tuned for all our latest updates along the way!

Register for YWM2018 with Early-bird Pricing – Deadline May 15!

Take your health to new heights

With spring well on its way, the OAC’s 2018 Your Weight Matters National Convention is quickly approaching! We’ll be joining together July 19-22 in Denver to “Take Our Health to New Heights” at the nation’s leading educational conference for weight and health, and we hope to see YOU there!

YWM2018 offers affordable pricing options for all attendees and now is the time to grab our lowest rates available before they expire on May 15. Early-bird pricing begins at only $40/day for Single-day Registration and $95 for Full Convention Registration. In addition, nurses and some healthcare professionals can receive up to 20 continuing education (CE) credits and take advantage of Early-bird Registration discounts as well. To view complete YWM2018 pricing details, please CLICK HERE.

The OAC invites you to be a part of our 2018 National Convention and benefit from world-class education, tools, resources and support for weight management! To learn more about our Annual meeting, please visit YWMConvention.com.

Eisai Renews their Membership to OAC’s Chairman’s Council

Eisai logoOAC is pleased to welcome one returning supporter to our honorary Chairman’s Council – Eisai! Eisai has pledged their support of OAC at the Silver level, and has re-committed to being a strong partner in our fight to improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity.

Eisai is a leading global research and development-based pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on prescription medicines – including those for treating obesity. By giving first thought to patients and their families and increasing the benefits that healthcare provides, Eisai offers long-term solutions for individuals affected by obesity worldwide.

OAC appreciates the wonderful support that we receive from each of our Chairman’s Council members! We welcome any individual, organization or company that has an interest in advancing obesity as a cause to join and make a difference through OAC’s Chairman’s Council. To discover more about the benefits and to join the OAC’s highest level of membership, please CLICK HERE.

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