Obesity Action Alert – April 2018
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Registration and Housing Are Now Open for the OAC’s Annual Convention!

OAA April 2018

OAC is pleased to announce that Registration and Housing are now open for our 7th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, taking place July 19-22 in Denver! Both Single-day and Full Convention Registration options are available for those who want to take their health to new heights at the nation’s leading weight and health event in the Mile High City. PLUS – by registering early through May 15, individuals can take advantage of Early-bird pricing and SAVE! To learn more about YWM2018 Registration and Housing, please CLICK HERE.

Truly the “Can’t miss” event of the year, YWM2018 is a landmark Convention dedicated to bringing together all individuals who have ever had a concern about weight and health. With more than 50 educational topics presented by the nation’s leading health experts – including healthcare providers, scientists, researchers and more – the event offers world-class, science-based information to help the everyday individual.

In addition to its renowned Education Program, YWM2018 offers plenty of unique opportunities to connect with like-minded people, network with health professionals, socialize during special events and view and sample top-of-the-line weight management products in the EXPO Hall. To learn more about what special sessions, programs and events will be offered, please view the full Program Agenda by CLICKING HERE.

Please Note: For those who may be facing financial barriers related to attending YWM2018, OAC will also open the application process for its 2018 Scholarship Program on April 2. If cost is a factor that prevents you from attending this special event, we encourage you to apply for a Convention scholarship to help offset the costs. To learn more about the OAC’s Convention Scholarship program and apply for a scholarship today, please CLICK HERE.

Recognizing the Importance of Specialized Obesity Care

doctor with patientIn a recent article by Health Central, OAC Board Members Patty Nece, JD; and Scott Kahan, MD made headlines as they shared their inspirational story about the power of specialized obesity care. OAC is honored to have our Board Members leading the charge for patient advocacy, access to healthcare and a greater understanding of obesity as a complex, chronic disease.

Within the article, Ms. Nece explained her lifelong battle with weight and her attempt at diet after diet. She was almost ready to give up entirely, until she met Dr. Kahan – an Obesity Medicine Specialist who helped Patty understand the complexity of her disease in a bias-free manner and develop a long-term weight management plan that would become life-changing.

For people with obesity, finding respectful and effective healthcare can be a battle. Too often, people with obesity are told to “eat less, move more” and are encouraged to try diet after diet until the number on the scale goes down. However, this narrow-minded approach to obesity care does little to help people with long-term weight management, and often results in discouragement as well as self-stigma.

The powerful story that Ms. Nece and Dr. Kahan share is a true testament to the effectiveness of specialized obesity care. Their spotlight feature on Health Central is a positive opportunity for OAC to help others understand the need for evidence-based, comprehensive and respectful obesity care and recognize that obesity is not a character flaw.

To learn more about Ms. Nece and Dr. Kahan’s inspiring story and discover the greater value in specialized obesity care, you can visit the full Health Central interactive article by CLICKING HERE.

OAC Welcomes Rhythm Pharmaceuticals to the Chairman’s Council!

Welcome signOAC is pleased to welcome one brand new supporter to our honorary Chairman’s Council – Rhythm Pharmaceuticals! Rhythm has pledged their support of OAC at the Bronze level, and has committed to becoming a strong partner in our fight to help improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity.

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of specific genetic disorders that result in obesity. With their commitment to delivering first class therapies, they are focused on developing and commercializing peptide therapeutics for the treatment of rare genetic deficiencies that result in life-threatening metabolic disorders.

OAC appreciates the wonderful support that we receive from each of our Chairman’s Council members! We welcome any individual, organization or company that has interest in advancing obesity as a cause to join and make a difference through OAC’s Chairman’s Council. To discover more about the benefits and to join the OAC’s highest level of membership, please CLICK HERE.

OCAN Comments on USPSTF Draft Recommendations regarding “Weight Loss to Prevent Obesity-Related Morbidity and Mortality in Adults: Behavioral Interventions”

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As an integral part of the Obesity Care Advocacy Network (OCAN), OAC routinely participates in important regulatory work to help improve healthcare for individuals affected by obesity. It is of great value to OAC to be a part of a diverse group of organizations that have come together with the purpose of changing how we perceive and approach the problem of obesity in this nation.

In March 2018, OCAN was pleased to provide public comment regarding the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) draft recommendations regarding “Weight Loss to Prevent Obesity-Related Morbidity and Mortality in Adults: Behavioral Interventions.” In summary, OCAN urged the USPSTF to amend its formal recommendations statement to: “The USPSTF recommends that clinicians offer or refer adults with obesity for evidence-based treatments including: intensive multi-component behavioral interventions, obesity pharmacotherapy or bariatric surgery.”

In addition to its recommendation to amend this formal statement, OCAN offered a series of other important comments intended to improve the quality of obesity healthcare, including:

  • Emphasizing a multidisciplinary treatment approach including behavioral counseling services, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery
  • Re-evaluating the use of body mass index (BMI) as a singular measurement of the disease
  • Using People-first language when discussing obesity

To learn more about OCAN’s regulatory work as well as education, policy and legislative efforts aimed to elevate obesity on the national agenda, please CLICK HERE.

Support the Cause of Obesity Awareness – Join the OAC Today!

Are you a member of the OAC? The Obesity Action Alert is provided as a free benefit to all OAC members and supporters. If you’re looking to support our work and stayed tuned to all that OAC is doing, the best way is to become a member!

OAC is the voice for the more than 93 million Americans affected by obesity, and only with the strong support of our membership are we able to make an impact. There is strength in numbers, and by adding your voice to OAC, you are making a difference to advance obesity as a cause to care about!

To join or renew your membership today, please CLICK HERE.

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