December 2012 – News from the OAC
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OAC Welcomes New Chairman Council Members

This month, we are proud to welcome three new members to the OAC Chairman’s Council – Barton Behavioral Health Solutions, Weight Loss Center of Oklahoma and Advanced Surgical Associates.

Barton Behavioral Health Solutions is a licensed health counseling service based in Amarillo, TX, founded by Joe Barton. As a licensed professional counselor, Mr. Barton has committed his career to helping individuals affected by obesity through his expertise in counseling. Recently, Mr. Barton organized and hosted an event where he arranged for all proceeds to benefit the OAC. We are extremely grateful for the contribution of Barton Behavioral Health Solutions and are pleased to add them to the prestigious OAC Chairman’s Council.

Weight Loss Center of Oklahoma and Advanced Surgical Associates are two of our newest members of the OAC Sponsored Membership Program. Weight Loss Center of Oklahoma, led by Dr. Russell Gornichec from Oklahoma City, OK, and is dedicated to helping patients impacted by excess weight and obesity find long-term and healthy weight-loss solutions. Advanced Surgical Associates is another surgical practice that recently joined in the OAC’s Sponsored Membership Program. A certified Center of Excellence, this practice is located in Springfield, NJ, but also serves numerous cities throughout the state of New Jersey.

The OAC is grateful for the support of all its Chairman’s Council Members and participants in the OAC Sponsored Membership Program. To learn more about how you or your practice can get involved in the OAC at the highest level, please click here.>>>

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