NEW BLOG SERIES DEBUTING JULY 15 – Bariatric Surgery – Supplements, Vitamins, Nutrients and More!

Making the decision to have bariatric surgery is often a difficult one as there are many things to consider. Even more difficult at times can be which type of surgery to have. This is a conversation that should take place between you, your bariatric surgeon and your family. Once this decision has been made, the next thing to consider is how the surgery you choose will impact your life moving forward.

Some of the biggest long-term changes after surgery can be the lifelong changes in nutrition. Depending on the surgery you choose, the need for supplementation with and monitoring of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients may be more or less. This new area of your care must be managed safely and effectively as it will greatly impact the quality of health.

For our next blog series, we’re going to focus on this area with the help of one of the country’s leading experts on supplementation. Jacqueline Jacques, ND, will participate in a three-part blog series focusing on the following:

      • What to expect in regards to supplementation after bariatric surgery
      • Monitoring vitamin and nutrient levels – what should your doctor be checking?
      • Living long term after bariatric surgery

Dr. Jacques, a frequent author in the OAC’s quarterly publication, Your Weight Matters Magazine, is a Naturopathic Doctor with more than a decade of expertise in medical nutrition. She is the Chief Science Officer for Bariatric Advantage (a Division of Metagenics, Inc)  a company dedicated to providing the best of nutritional care to weight-loss surgery patients. Her greatest love is empowering patients to better their own health. Dr. Jacques is a member of the OAC National Board of Directors.

Please join us on Monday, July 15, for this exciting new series!

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