Taking a Look back – Why Every Voice MUST be Heard

As we reach the final days of 2012 and prepare to bring in a new year, it is natural to reflect upon the events and successes of the past year. Here at the OAC, we celebrate the end of a year filled with many accomplishments that give us excitement, progress and hope for the obesity community; we really do believe it has been a benchmark year for the organization.

It has been a year that has brought us face-to-face with our membership, a year that has given us the opportunity to not only touch the lives of others but to also be touched personally by each and every one of you, a year that we have worked tirelessly, with the support of our members, to proactively advocate on your behalf to increase access to obesity treatments, raise awareness of obesity and its health consequences, and combat weight bias.

Throughout the year, we receive thousands of phone calls, personal hand-written letters and emails from folks all across the country who simply want to share their voice and let it be heard. We are so grateful that we have the ability to be that organization where people feel they can turn to for support and a listening ear. That’s why the OAC is here. When we receive the personal letters, they serve as reminders to us that although we can bask in the glory of amazing accomplishments, there is still so much work to do to combat this epidemic, combat the lack of education and combat the tremendous weight bias that exists in so many realms.

And that’s our point – Every Voice MUST be Heard!

As you all know, our Blog was re-launched earlier this year and has since been a powerful tool for the OAC to challenge our members and followers to think a little differently. The Blog elicited some amazing responses and feedback from our supporters! That’s why today, I am proud to debut a new Blog series, where throughout the course of the next two weeks, you will be able to view six NEW Blog entries. We will discuss the key areas that have truly shaped our successes and helped grow our organization to the largest voice of individuals impacted by obesity, but more importantly, show how the voice of the people is what made the difference of every single success we experienced this year.

With this entry being the first, it is our hope that you will stay connected to our Blog for the remainder of the year and urge others to join in the conversation. If there are folks you know that haven’t really fully understood the OAC’s message yet, this would be the perfect time to invite them to our Blog to view the entries to come. We will use social media to alert you all once the new entries are posted, so please also feel free to share those social media links with friends, family and colleagues.

We are very excited to look back at our benchmark year throughout  the next two weeks and show you how YOUR voice and support have made a difference and directly contributed to our successes. Stay tuned as we bring you our second Blog entry tomorrow!

To view the second blog post in this series, click here.

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