How You can Get involved with National Obesity Care Week as a Member of the OAC
OAC Director of Development and Engagement Initiatives, Lindsay McGhay

National Obesity Care Week is changing the way healthcare providers treat obesity, and it would not be a complete effort without the most important piece — the patients who they are treating.

The OAC is a partner in this pioneer initiative because we firmly believe that all individuals affected by the disease of obesity deserve access to respectful, compassionate and comprehensive care. Though this campaign comes to a close tomorrow, it is truly a year-round effort and all-encompassing of the OAC’s work each and every day.

As a supporter of the OAC, we want to empower you to raise your voice and join us not only in supporting National Obesity Care Week, but in all of our work for those affected by obesity. We find that all too often, individuals are not met with the proper care that they need and deserve.

As we support the call for healthcare providers to Treat Obesity Seriously, pledging to help advance the cause of the disease of obesity, we need you to support our efforts to ensure that patients have the access to comprehensive care. How can you do this?


By pledging to stand with the OAC, you are symbolically standing next to our organization as we work for access to care, to eliminate weight bias and in spreading the awareness of the importance of weight and health.

Write Your Legislators

The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) is landmark legislation that expands coverage of obesity medicineand broadens the landscape of healthcare professionals who are able to deliver quality care to individuals seeking to improve their weight and health. We have seen great progress in the support of this bill in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, but we still need you to raise your voice! CLICK HERE to write both of your Senators as well as your House of Representatives member, urging them to cosponsor and support final passage of this important legislation.

Raise your voice and FIGHT WEIGHT BIAS

Weight bias and discrimination is unfortunately still prevalent throughout the country. The OAC works tirelessly to combat this damaging form of bias, and our fight only gets stronger with your voice. If you haven’t done so already, we ask that you sign our petition to Ban the F Word : Fat-shaming. We have set a goal to end fat-shaming once and for all, and we need you to help us accomplish this challenging, but crucial objective.

Make a Charitable Gift to Support the OAC

The progress that we have made and that we will continue to make for the cause of obesity is only made possible by the generous support of our donors. National Obesity Care Week is a great time to pledge your support of the cause by making a donation to the OAC in honor of our mission and our work to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity.

PROMOTE Your Weight Matters

Healthcare providers are pledging to Treat Obesity Seriously, so it is our hope that when individuals seek treatment, they are met with a personalized and comprehensive approach. But first, individuals need to be ready and they need to understand how their weight and health go hand-in-hand. The Your Weight Matters Campaign is a free resource to help prepare individuals for that conversation with their healthcare provider. You can share this free resource with others and encourage them to “Take the Challenge” by visiting

No matter how you choose to get involved in National Obesity Care Week and the OAC’s year-round efforts, we want you to know that your voice does make a difference.  We invite you to join us as we strive for a world where individuals are met with compassion, awareness, comprehensive education and the proper treatment and care when treating the disease of obesity.

About the Author:

Lindsay McGhay is the Director of Development and Engagement Initiatives at the OAC. She handles membership and supporter engagement for the OAC, including all member and supporter communications, supporter activation on all OAC advocacy and bias issues and management of opportunities for members to get involved with the organization. Lindsay also oversees the OAC’s development, which includes the expansion and execution of general public and supporter-based fundraising efforts.

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