Here’s Why OAC Matters – A Lot

I got an email from a close friend today that reminded me why OAC matters so much. He saw an article I wrote for a church newsletter that delivered some of OAC’s key messages about weight bias and here is what he said.

“I really appreciated your article. Among the things that shaped my brother’s life was the fact that he was overweight as a child, and suffered the usual teasing as a result. That was in the 50s and early 60s, when obesity wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. On the one hand, he compensated by becoming a nationally ranked wrestler, who still holds high school records, 40 years after he graduated. On the other hand, the self-esteem issues that grew out of his childhood experiences were among the factors that resulted in his not quite making it to the age of 21. Which is to say, from a very personal perspective, that your work is enormously important.”

My friend, whose brother ended his life, in part because of weight bias he endured as a child, is one of many millions of people affected directly and cruelly by this disease and the despicable response that far too many people have to it.

We are steadily making this bad situation better. This why the OAC matters. This is why every member, volunteer, and staff member of OAC is tremendously important.

Thank you,

Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, OAC Vice-chairman

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