Giving Back to the OAC this Holiday Season

As we approach the 2018 holiday season, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is humbled to reflect on all of the passion and support our membership has given to us in the last year.

As a 501(c) (3) National non-profit organization, we rely on our close-knit community of supporters to help us bring to life our mission: Give a voice to the individual affected by the disease of obesity and help individuals along their journey toward better health through education, advocacy and support.

Our vision isn’t an easy one to attain, but we are dedicated. Barriers such as weight bias, poor access to care and a lack of understanding about obesity make it difficult to advocate for individuals affected by it. That’s why our community is so important. Together we can change lives.

Why Give Back to the OAC?

Charitable contributions help propel our work forward and achieve our vision. With the holiday season approaching, we understand that many organizations are requesting your generosity – but we hope you don’t forget about the OAC!

There are plenty of ways that you can give back to the OAC:

    • Financial Gifts and Contributions – The most tangible way to support the OAC’s work
    • Giving your time to share our resources, support key obesity legislation and fight weight bias
    • Raising your voice to advocate for individuals affected by obesity
    • Staying connected to our community!

Introducing #TheReasonIGive

Giving Tuesday will take place November 28th and kick-off the season of giving for 2018. Over the next couple of days, we want to share with you stories from some of our very own OAC members about why they give back to the OAC in a short, new blog series: #TheReasonIGive

We hope these stories will inspire you and show you the value of supporting an organization that stands up for individuals impacted by obesity. Most importantly, we hope you’ll consider the OAC in your end-of-year giving as we move forward into the New Year!

Do You Wish to Give Back to the OAC this Holiday Season? 
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