The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has been privileged to be THE organization representing the individual affected by obesity and uniting all concerned to fight for change. Our strength lies within the millions of voices we represent and those who are part of our powerful community.

Together, we provide HOPE that one day:

We will live in a world without weight bias.

We will see a world where individuals can have access to any evidence-based obesity treatment available.

We will see our vision come to life where the public can finally understand that obesity isn’t a matter of personal choice or a moral failing.

Whether you are a long-time supporter of the OAC, or if you are finding our organization for the first time, it is important to understand these principles as they are at the forefront of our mission and to understand that it is imperative that we continue this fight against obesity. There’s no doubt that we have made tremendous progress, but there is still so much work to do to help others see the world through our eyes.

OUR Pledge: To Continue this Fight

As we celebrate the end of another benchmark year for our organization, the OAC pledges to continue the fight and serve even more individuals who need help and support. But, we can’t do it alone and need YOUR support.

We invite you to make the commitment in the fight against obesity, or take your commitment one step further, and make a tax-deductible donation to the OAC. Your contribution directly helps fund our ongoing mission-oriented initiatives which include: distributing free educational resources across the country, expanding of our advocacy-related programs and creating a support network to those in need. Obesity impacts nearly every single one of us in some manner – whether you continue to struggle, have successfully battled obesity and are along your journey, are a support-person to someone affected, or are a health professional who cares for individuals with obesity. We all play a crucial role in the fight against obesity, and even a small contribution can make a significant difference.

Help the OAC move into 2014 with opportunity, power and momentum. Make your pledge and DONATE NOW. 

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