Get to Know Us – Holly Lofton, MD
10 Questions with Holly Lofton, MD, OAC Board Member

Holly Lofton, MD

1. How did you become involved with the OAC?

During my obesity medicine fellowship at Geisinger Center for Weight Management, I picked up a copy of the OAC’s newsletter and was intrigued by the wealth of information that it provided. Soon after, I joined the Coalition and wrote a few articles for the newsletter – as I found it to be in harmony with my mission to empower and educate those who are affected by obesity. Now, several years later, I continue to be impressed by the OAC’s dedication to its mission and how much impact the work we have done has had on the connotation of obesity as a disease in this country.

2. Have you personally dealt with obesity, and if so, how has it impacted your life?

I consider myself to be “with obesity in remission” – as I was affected by obesity at a young age and with the support of my parents and pediatrician, was able to achieve a normal weight via dietary change. I was always an active kid, participating in dance classes and sports, but eating large portions of high fat Southern food wasn’t in my best interest. After losing the weight, I made it a priority to spread the word about healthy living and thus I pursued a career as a weight management physician after finishing medical school. I think it is important to practice what you preach.

3. What is your favorite part about being a board member of the OAC?

I really enjoy when we have discussions about pertinent topics in obesity. I call them “Meetings of the Minds.” The diverse backgrounds of our board allow for us to delve deep into these issues and not only offer opinions, but to take action in the best interests of those affected by obesity. We are a group of “doers,” not just talkers.

4. Why is the OAC valuable in advocating for obesity awareness?

The OAC has been instrumental in raising awareness for obesity stigma – which is prevalent in our society. I feel the efforts of the OAC have not only changed some policies that stigmatized those affected by obesity, but also have given many people the courage to stand up and do the same on a personal and on a community level.

5. What is one goal that you want to accomplish as a board member?

I long to make the OAC a household name that is synonymous with advocacy, support, and passion for those affected by obesity.

6. What is your favorite film?

“What’s Love Got to Do With It?  Great acting, music and I loved the costumes and the triumphant story of rising from adversity.

7. What is your fondest memory from this past year?

Getting married to my wonderful husband, Jesse. The wedding was surreal, and having friends and family to support us made it even more spectacular!

8. If you could’ve had any career other than your current one, what would it have been?

Large animal veterinarian. I love animals of all types (Ok, I will admit I fear most animals with an exoskeleton), and my sister, Danielle has the great fortune of having this as her career. I travelled to her clinic in Michigan and saw everything from pigs to ostriches there. I strive to be a friend to animals just as I am to humans.

9. What is your favorite place to vacation? 


10. What is your most prized possession? 

My faith  – without it, I am not whole.

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