Institutional Membership – $500/year

Institutional membership is one of two OAC membership categories specifically for organizations who want to join the OAC and receive additional membership benefits. This category is also open to individuals who simply want to support the OAC at a higher level through membership and gain access to the OAC’s resources in bulk.

One of the biggest benefits to this category as compared to Individual Membership is the 25-copy subscription to the OAC’s quarterly publication, Your Weight Matters Magazine. This category also gives you access to bulk copies of all OAC resources without having to purchase an educational add-on.

Benefits You Receive as an Institutional Member

      • Official welcome letter and membership card
      • Membership certificate
      • Annual 25-copy subscription to Your Weight Matters Magazine – the OAC’s official publication
      • Unlimited access to the OAC’s resources in bulk at no additional charge
      • Subscriptions to OAC Members Make a Difference and Obesity Action Alert monthly e-newsletters
      • “Bias Busters” Alerts, alerting to weight bias issues
      • Immediate Advocacy Alerts on urgent issues and access to the OAC’s expert advocacy team
      • Ability to lend your voice to the cause

How to Join:

The OAC Chairman’s Council is the highest and most prestigious membership level of the OAC. For more information on this membership level for organizations, please click here.

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