Individual Membership – $20/year

Individual membership welcomes any individual concerned about the cause of obesity to join. This level is comprised  of a diverse group of individuals, including those directly affected by obesity, those who have successfully/unsuccessfully sought treatment for obesity, friends and family members of those affected, and physicians and professionals who have an interest in obesity issues.

Benefits You Receive as an Individual Member

  • Official welcome letter and membership card
  • Annual subscription to the OAC’s official publication, Your Weight Matters Magazine
  • Subscriptions to OAC Members Make a Difference and Obesity Action Alert monthly e-newsletters
  • Ability to purchase Educational Add-ons
  • “Bias Busters” Alerts, alerting specifically to issues of weight bias
  • Immediate Advocacy Alerts on urgent issues and access to the OAC’s expert advocacy team
  • Ability to lend your voice to the cause

If you are interested in requesting OAC’s resources in bulk, as an Individual Member you would have the ability to purchase educational add-ons. To learn more about purchasing educational add-ons, please click here.

How to Join:

If you are an organization and interested in joining the OAC in one of our organizational categories, please click here.

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