2013 Bias Buster of the Year

This award is given to the OAC member who has carried-out actions to effect change in public perception of weight bias. This individual should be both proactive and reactive in responding to weight bias issues and be an example to others on how to get involved as a Bias Buster.

Qualifications to be Considered:

      • OAC member for at least one year
      • Must have engaged in Bias Buster issues in the past year
      • Must be able to provide examples of engagement in Bias Buster issues
      • Recipient is only eligible to receive this award once per lifetime

Criteria Used for Review: The winner should be an OAC member who actively engages in tackling weight bias issues and encourages others to get involved and take action. This individual not only should lead the charge in reacting to weight bias, but should also be proactive in spreading awareness of weight bias in the community.

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination for this award online.

CLICK HERE to download the nomination form and send it to the OAC National Office by mail or fax.

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