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OAC Members Matter – Changing One Mind at a Time
by Patty Nece, JD
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Eating In: Managing Your Weight and Diabetes
by Sarah Muntel, RD
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

YWM2016: Uniting a Powerful Community
by Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Myth-Busting the Causes of Obesity
by Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA
Volume 12/ Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Kid’s Corner: Top 10 Fall Family Activities
by Cassie I. Story, RDN
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

I Have a Child with Obesity, Now What?
by Suzanne E. Cuda, MD, ABOM certified
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Dear Doctor: My Body-Mass-Index (BMI) is still high, but I’ve lost weight already. How do I know when I’m Healthy?
Answer provided by Nadia B. Pietrzykowska, MD, FACP
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

OAC Honors Members with OAC Annual Awards at the 2016 Your Weight Matters National Convention
by OAC Staff
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Managing Seasonal Stress: An Unwelcome Holiday Guest
by Kelly Broadwater, LPA, LPC, CEDS
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Exercising On a Budget: How to Exercise Using Items in Your Home
by Jacy Mullins, MSed, NASM-FMS
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016

Recently Approved Weight-loss Device: AspireAssist™
by Shelby Sullivan, MD 
Volume 12/Issue 1 – Fall 2016 

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