OAC Re-Launches Your Weight Matters Campaign

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If you’re reading this article, then the chance of you having said one of the above quotes is pretty good. But what if you haven’t? What if you haven’t addressed your weight? What if you haven’t spoken to your healthcare provider about your weight? What if you have a loved-one or friend who wants to address their weight but doesn’t know where to start? What do you do? What can you offer them? Where do you start? Well, the OAC has the answer and it’s the Your Weight Matters Campaign.

Focus of the Campaign
The Your Weight Matters Campaign, originally unveiled in 2010, will be re-launched this spring with brand new features, including a new Web site, a new Toolkit and much more. The focus of the Your Weight Matters Campaign is simple – Measure your weight and talk to your healthcare provider about how it may be impacting your health.

The OAC knows that one of the most difficult parts of battling excess weight or obesity is having that conversation with your healthcare provider. The goal of the Your Weight Matters campaign is to make the conversation easy for you.

Get Started!
First things first, how does weight impact health? Located on the Campaign Web site, www.YourWeightMatters.org, you will first learn how weight impacts health in a variety of ways. Weight can impact your physical health, mental health and emotional health. There are more than 40 obesity-related conditions associated with excess weight, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, some cancers and more. All of these obesity-related conditions have serious health implications and need to be addressed.

Measure Your Weight
Next, you will measure your weight through body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference. Each method is simple to use and will help you identify your weight category. Once you measure your weight, if you find that you are affected by excess weight, obesity or severe obesity, you will then have the opportunity to take the Your Weight Matters Challenge.

The Challenge
Taking the Your Weight Matters Challenge is simple. The Campaign challenge is a quick online form where you make the pledge to speak to your healthcare provider about your weight. But that conversation isn’t always easy, right? It’s not, and that is where the Campaign comes into play.

All those who take the Campaign challenge will receive the FREE Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit in the mail.

The Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit
The Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit was specifically designed with you in mind. This toolkit will prepare you for that important conversation of weight with your healthcare provider.

Inside your toolkit you will find useful information on the following topics, sample questions for your first appointment with your healthcare provider and much more:

      • Weight and Health
      • Emotional Issues and Weight
      • Health and Wellness Tips
      • Weight-loss Options
      • Benefits of Weight-loss
      • Food Journal
      • Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart
      • And Much More!

The toolkit will help you prepare for your first appointment with your healthcare provider and it will help you in your weight-loss journey by providing you with basic resources to manage your weight and improve your health.

Family Members and Friends
The conversation of weight is never an easy one, especially when trying to talk to a loved-one or friend.

If you’ve already addressed your weight but have a family member or friend who has not, the Your Weight Matters Campaign is an excellent resource to help them learn more about how their weight impacts their health.

Located on the Campaign Web site, we’ve created a special section titled “Loved Ones and Weight” under the “Health and Wellness” tab. In this section, we offer information and tips on how to talk to a loved one or friend about their weight.

Help Spread the Word
If you’ve already taken the Your Weight Matters Challenge, there are a variety of ways you can help us spread the word about the Campaign!

Help Promote the Your Weight Matters Campaign
We’ve developed a special section on the Campaign Web site to help you promote this campaign. Visit the Campaign Web site and click on the “Promote the Campaign” link in the Sitemap section at the bottom of the website. This page will give you all the tools and resources you need to help us spread the word, such as:

      • Sample newsletter stories to submit to your company newsletter
      • Sample social media posts
      • Your Weight Matters Campaign postcard
      • Downloadable banner ads and much more!

Attend the Your Weight Matters Annual Convention
Taking the Campaign Challenge is the first step in addressing your weight and improving your health. As you progress on your weight-loss journey, education will be the key to improving your health. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), founders of the Your Weight Matters Campaign, host an event, titled Your Weight Matters National Convention, designed for those interested in learning more about weight and how it impacts their health. The Your Weight Matters National Convention is designed to be a welcoming environment where any individual can come to learn useful, evidence-based weight management strategies to improve their health. Visit www.YWMConvention.com for more information.

Join the Campaign’s Social Network
Stay connected with the Your Weight Matters Campaign and encourage others to learn more about it by joining the Campaign on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Simply visit the Campaign Web site at www.YourWeightMatters.org, scroll to the bottom of the home page, and click on either social networking icon to join us today!

As you know, weight and health go hand-in-hand. Having this important conversation with your healthcare provider, or encouraging a family member or friend to do so, can greatly impact your life and help you manage your weight and health.

The goal of the Your Weight Matters Campaign is simple – talk to your healthcare provider about your weight. Why do you need to have this conversation? Because YOUR WEIGHT MATTERS – FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Visit www.YourWeightMatters.org Today and Take the Challenge!

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