Step 3: Let’s Get Started…

We are already busy sorting through all the information you submitted, but while you await more information from us, we invite you to learn a little more about what the OAC is working on so you can start thinking about where you want to help make a difference!

The Next 5 Years – OAC’s Goals and Main Areas of Focus:

The OAC has set our sights on some aggressive, but crucial, goals that we will reach for in the next five years. If there is one thing we know, members of our community will play an integral part to our success in being able to accomplish all we have set out to do. Here’s a look at what we are working on and where there will be opportunities for you to help throughout the next five years:

  • Access to Care: Seeking universal coverage for comprehensive obesity treatment services, free from undue limitations and hurdles for individuals who need access
  • Weight Bias: Fighting weight bias to reduce the impact felt by those struggling with obesity and/or weight-related issues through proactive education, awareness campaigns and strong member involvement
  • Community-Building and Support: Building a diverse and vibrant member community, while establishing strong support programs that enable our members to seek the help they need and get involved to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others
  • Public Education: Expanding our educational resource offerings and continuing to provide high quality, evidence-based education with the goal to increase our reach and help individuals along their journeys
  • Revenue: Growing the organization’s revenue base through an increase in general and public donors to ensure sustained operations and the addition of new programs to support our members and the efforts of the OAC
  • Visibility: Increasing OAC’s visibility and brand recognition among the public and industry, allowing more individuals to connect with the OAC and benefit from its programs, services and support network

To learn more and read about the OAC’s 5-year Strategic Goals from OAC’s Chairwoman, Amber Huett-Garcia, please CLICK HERE to view her article from OAC’s Your Weight Matters Magazine.

If you have any immediate questions about the OAC or your membership in the OAC Community, please contact or (800) 717-3117.

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