Big in the USA

Our documentary exposes the paradox between weight and the media. We look at how obesity is treated in this country, the bombarding nature of fast food commercials and then we expose their contradictory nature as advertisements for diet pills and work out plans are intended to fill us with guilt and insecurity. Kristin Pearson, author of “The Biochemistry and Sociology of Obesity,” explains…”they can be blurry, the lines between programming and advertising.” It is schizophrenic. To the kids currently growing up with these mixed messages it is a way of life, that is the confusion and contradiction is all we know until and unless we examine it and expose it for what it is.

We analyze the marketing and advertising habits of common fast food restaurants, taking note of their various bribes and persuasions. As Maria Doerr, a fellow Woolman Semester student, tells us, “We live in a world that calls for instant gratification,” advertising tells us that we must consume and that it’s “easy and quick” and then once we have consumed their products we must lose weight. We are fed a constant stream of diet pills, healthy meals, and workout plans, to “fix” ourselves.

We talk about the unfair system of profit as well as state the seven Sydney principals, created by the International Obesity Task Force to reduce the amount and nature of marketing of foods and beverages to children. We have taken our media into our own hands to expose its hidden nature and to help stop the nonconsensual tendencies of advertising.

The video: Big In The USA

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Ariel Fisher is a high school student attended Woolman Semester School in Nevada City CA from January through May 2012. As the final project of her Peace Studies Class she and three other students researched the material and produced the following documentary on obesity and how we as a nation are being influenced by the media. 

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