Welcome to the OAC STAR Program!

Thank you for your interest in serving as an OAC State Advocacy Resource (STAR). The OAC is grateful for all the time and dedication of its volunteers. The following is an overview of the responsibilities for OAC members wishing to participate in the STAR Program.

About the STAR Program:

The purpose of the STAR Program is to support and communicate the mission and goals of the OAC before the state legislature and regulatory agencies. The STAR Program seeks individuals who are interested in volunteering their time and wish to make a strong impact in state advocacy initiatives. Responsibilities of STARs may include the following:

  • Serve as OAC scouts at the local level in each state of the United States – reporting back to the OAC when policy action is warranted in their respective state
  • Voluntarily represent the OAC on state-based legislative and regulatory activities, such as monitoring legislation, meeting legislators and/or other elected or appointed officials, attending and/or testifying at legislative hearings

Further responsibilities of STAR members may be developed at any time depending on the situation, issue or legislative action needed in their state.

Applying to the OAC STAR Program:

Application to the OAC STAR program is a two-part process. STARs are able to nominate themselves or be nominated by others. The Board of Directors may also solicit new STARs, as needed, who can provide specific skills or representation. Applications are reviewed by the Advocacy Committee and the OAC Board of Directors.

To download the first portion of the OAC STAR program application, please click the below “Download Application” link. Please note a second more comprehensive application is sent to candidates after an initial screening.

Download Application

Dismissal from the OAC STAR Program:

An OAC STAR may be dismissed for inactivity and unethical or unprofessional behavior that negatively impacts the OAC. In addition, any intentional misrepresentation of the OAC will be cause for immediate dismissal from the program.

Terms of Service:

The general term of service for an OAC STAR is two years. The OAC does not limit the number of terms that an individual is able to serve.

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