OAC Supports Nutrition Standards for Foods and Beverages Sold in Schools


Unfortunately, the school nutrition standards through the Harkin/Murkowski School Nutrition Amendment were not included in the Farm Bill. More than 100 organizations and thousands of individuals across the country signed on to support the school nutrition amendment. The dedication and persistence of all those involved created a strong consensus of support throughout the Senate and House of Representatives for future efforts and initiatives.  It is our hope that this legislation will be passed during a future legislative session.

Thank you to all of those who supported our efforts.

The OAC is one of more than 100 groups supporting the Harkin/Murkowski School Nutrition Amendment to the Farm Bill, which establishes the types of food and beverage products that may be offered for sale in schools. The Amendment seeks to ensure that healthier food and beverages are offered for sale in schools across the country.

For more information on the Harkin/Murkowski School Nutrition Amendment, please see the following links:

The OAC is encouraging all members to contact their Senators (we are currently focused on the Senate only) and encourage their support of the Amendment either through phone, fax, mail or e-mail. To find your Senator, visit www.congress.org. We also encourage you to provide copies of your correspondence to the OAC.

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