24 Hours in Dallas, Texas

This past week my co-workers and I had the pleasure of visiting the Your Weight Matters Inaugural Convention host hotel – the Hilton Anatole. Let me start off by saying that I’ve traveled to quite a few places for the OAC throughout the past seven years and this property is at the top of the list.

The ride from the airport was easy (less than 25 minutes) and entering the hotel was a breeze. Well, I am actually not doing any justice for the Hilton Anatole when I simply say “entering.” The moment you walk into this hotel you know you are in for a treat. From the spacious lobby decorated with antique Asian art to the ever-reaching atrium complete with reflecting pool and breathing art (yes, you read that correctly, the art suspended from the ceiling actually moves as if it is breathing), your eyes will simply focus in amazement from one thing to the next.

And, let’s take a second to highlight the art at the Hilton Anatole. There are hand-carved jade, marble statues, ancient artifacts and so much more. Having only 24 hours at the hotel left me feeling sad as I only wish I had more time to truly take in the beauty of all the art. One piece of history that is very exclusive to the Hilton Anatole is their piece of the Berlin Wall (pictured right). Standing in front of this iconic structure is simply amazing. You can almost sense the coldness of the concrete and strength of the rebar rooted deep within the structure. To be able to see, in-person, this piece of history simply stops you in your tracks.

After settling in and having a couple meetings, we decided to hit the gym. “Gym” doesn’t do this place justice. It is a first-class fitness center in every way, shape and form. We participated in two classes at the fitness center. The first was a yoga class which was very thorough and taught me a great deal about balance, strength and flexibility. The second was a 6 am spinning class that left me feeling energized and refreshed. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we also played basketball on their indoor court, scoped out the weight lifting area, looked at their indoor pool complete with lane lines, played with their boxing equipment, toured the racquet ball courts and so much more. Whatever exercise you’re seeking, they have it.

The best word I can come up with when describing this hotel is “wow.” I know, it’s not the biggest of words, but that’s honestly how I felt the entire time. And, I’ll tell you something else; I especially felt this sense of “wow” when I thought what it’s going to be like to combine this property with the OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention. You simply cannot compare anything to it. From the most comprehensive, un-biased information on weight and health to the opportunity to sit one-on-one with an expert and discuss a topic over lunch, I just cannot imagine anything more empowering.

After visiting the Hilton Anatole and knowing what the OAC will offer on October 25-28, I strongly encourage anyone reading this blog post to register for the meeting and make your travel plans now. This is simply an event that you won’t want to miss and I promise will leave you saying, “Wow.”

Think about it…


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  • Michelle
    August 20, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    I am so excited for the event. October can’t come fast enough!

  • Jeanette Marsh
    September 1, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    I am so excited for this convention and look forward very much to meeting everyone and adding to my own knowledge base. I’ll see you all in October!

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